Signature Flavours.

Chocolate Salted Caramel:-
Milk Chocolate Sponge , Salted Caramel Centre, Salted Caramel Iced Swirl topped with a Salted Caramel Chocolate Square.(Chocolate Square may vary)
Malteaser Heaven:-
Milk Chocolate Sponge , Surprise Centre, Malteaser Iced Swirl.
Toffee Fudge:-
Vanilla Sponge, Toffee Centre, Caramel Iced Swirl
(now using Vanilla Fudge supplied by Yum Yum Tree Fudge Ltd).
Cherry Bakewell:-
Almond Sponge, Cherry Centre, Cherry Royal Icing.
Chocolate Indulgence:-
Chocolate Sponge, Caramel Centre, Chocolate Iced Swirl (Decorations may vary).
Jammy Dodger :-
Vanilla Sponge, Raspberry Centre , Raspberry & Vanilla Iced Swirl.
Zesty Lemon :-
Lemon Sponge, Zesty Lemon Centre , Lemon Iced Swirl.


Seasonal/Indulgence Flavours.

Creme Egg Bunny :- Vanilla Sponge ,Vanilla Icing  topped with Creme Egg Bunny.
Chocolate Creme Egg :- Chocolate Sponge,Vanilla Iced Swirl topped with Creme Egg half.
Chocolate Malteaser Bunny :-
Chocolate Sponge,Malteaser  Centre, Chocolate Iced Swirl & Malteaser Bunny.
Caramac Caramel:-
Caramac Sponge , Caramel Centre, Caramel Iced Swirl topped with Caramac Slices & Toffee pieces.


Gin & Tonic :-
Lemon Sponge,Gin & Tonic  Centre, Gin Iced Swirl & Candied Zest ( designs may vary).
Jack Daniels & Coke:-
Chocolate & Coke Sponge, Jack Daniels Iced Swirl.
Espresso Liqueur:-
Coffee Sponge, Choc Centre, Amaretto Iced Swirl.