Signature Flavours.

Jaffa Cake:- Milk Chocolate Sponge , Surprise Centre, Orange and Chocolate Iced Swirls topped with a whole Jaffa Cake.
Toffee Fudge:-
Vanilla Sponge, Toffee Centre, Caramel Iced Swirl 
Lemon Meringue:-
Lemon Sponge, Lemon Centre, topped with Lemon Iced Swirl and Meringue.
Kinder Bueno:-
Vanilla Sponge, Nutella Centre, Nutella and Vanilla Iced Swirl ,topped with Kinder Bueno.

Seasonal/Indulgence Flavours.

Battenberg  :- Pink & Yellow Battenberg Vanilla Sponge, Apricot Jam Centre, Marzipan Layer , Marzipan Swirl topped with Mini Battenberg Slice.
Strawberry Milkshake :- Pink Vanilla Sponge, Strawberry Centre, Milkshake Iced Swirl topped with Jelly Strawberry and Strawberry Jam.
Banoffee :- Toffee Sponge, Caramel Centre, Banana Iced Swirl topped with Foam Banana and Toffee Sauce.
Snickers Peanut Butter :- Chocolate Sponge,Caramel Centre ,Peanut Butter Iced Swirl topped with Mini Peanut Butter Snickers Bar.
Caramac Caramel:-
Caramac Sponge , Caramel Centre, Caramel Iced Swirl topped with Caramac Slices & Toffee pieces.